What types of cars do you rent?

Car Hire Comparison UK: Most rental companies categorise the hire cars and broadly speaking, these are as follows: Mini, Economy, compact, Standard or Intermediate, Full Size, Luxury or Premium, Vans/Minivans (also referred to as MPV's or People Carriers), SUV's and, depending on the location, Exotic and/or Special Cars which may include such icons as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini and so on. The 'vans' or people carriers are typically available in derivatives from 5 seats through to nine seater. Some locations will also have soft tops (convertibles/cabriolets) available, from a sports car through to a family soft top or 4x4 with a removable, canvas top. Compare Car Hire.

The range is exhaustive and we invite you to look at the 'information' section for additional details on individual vehicles and specifications. Remember, that the extent of the range will be dependent on availability, location and country. 

Where can I get my rental car?

The good news is that 'Car Hire Assistant' has access to over 550 suppliers who, combined, have some 30,000 locations in 175 countries. Therefore, if you want to collect your rental car from a large city, small town, holiday resort, sea port or airport, there is an excellent chance that one of the rental companies we use will have an office near you. If you want to collect your hire car from one location and return it to another, this is also possible with some hire companies, although a premium is charged. Many of the companies we deal with also have kiosks or stations at major airports. 

Remember, our service is free, there are no hidden charges or booking surcharges. We search, so you can compare, not just the price of your rental car, but the options, types of vehicles, locations and service. Compare car hire prices with Car Hire Assistant, The UK  Car Hire Comparison Site - Compare Car Hire

Car Rentals made simple

Renting a car, van or people carrier (MPV) does not have to be a stressful experience. Using a car rental comparison site such as 'Car Hire Assistant' can save you  many hours attempting to find the cheapest deals and then trying to compare the hire options on a like for like basis. Moreover, the process of weeding out those rental operators that employ tactics of headline grabbing, low rental costs, only to hit the hirer with a huge list of extras, means you have to remain alert. Car Hire Assistant removes ambiguities with a guarantee of no hidden prices and a commitment to inclusive rental rates. Car options are laid out in a logical manner allowing the renter to compare 'apples with apples'. We also offer additional, complimentary services such as Car Hire Excess Insurance, Travel Insurance and Airport Transfers. Free service and no booking charges. The best comparison site for Cheap Car Hire

Car Hire at Kuala Lumpar International Airport


Airport car rentals at all major airport. Compare prices on car hireDo you need Car Hire at Kuala Lumpar International Airport?
If your destination is Kuala Lumpar International Airport and you need to hire a car, then Car Hire Assistant, The Rental Car Comparison Site, can help you find a great deal on a rental car without restricting your choice or damaging your wallet. Researching the best deals for airport car hire is a time consuming chore and it is not always rewarding in terms of results and saving. However, there is another way and we would like to demonstrate how we, at Car Hire Assistant, can help you to achieve your goals without any premiums or charges for utilising our  car hiresearch service.

What do we do?

Car Hire Assistant is a car rental comparison site. Instead of you spending countless hours attempting to find and compare car rental rates, we will do all the work on your behalf and, in a fraction of the time; in minutes, instead of hours. It takes barely a minute to enter the key information about your hire in the form on the right; select search and receive a comprehensive summary of the most competitive rates for hire cars at Kuala Lumpar International Airport.

How do we do it?

Our search engine has access to 550 suppliers, based in 175 countries, with an impressive 30,000 rental locations which, of course, includes your intended destination; Kuala Lumpar International Airport. As a consequence of the number of operators we access during the search, we have the scale to spread our net wide enabling us to provide you with the most comprehensive summary of relevant rental deals in terms of the things that matter to our customers; price, rental location and choice of vehicles.

Compact and economy car rentals from most airports within 175 countries through Car Hire AssistantWhich rental operators do your search?

With a broad selection of car hire companies searched, therefroe you can be completely assured that you will receive the most comprehensive summary of available options at Kuala Lumpar International Airport and, perhaps, the surrounding area (some off-airport car rental companies offer lower hire car rates). Within the list, you can normally expect to find a combination of smaller local operators, as well as international rental companies which may include, but is not limited to: Europcar, Thrifty, Dollar, National, Avis, Sixt, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise and Alamo. One fundamental aspect of this comparison service is that all the hire companies are completely aware they are being compared with their peers and this inevitably encourages them to remain competitive to encouraage new business. And, because none of us want to miss out on promotions or special offers, you can be assured that these will be included with your summary for Kuala Lumpar International Airport. Special offers, promotions and/or best buys are generally highlighted at the beginning of the rental summary.

What will my summary include?

Based on the search criteria you have provided, we will produce a summary that includes the 'car groupings' you have selected from the serach form, for example; compact, economy, full size or luxury. We will also give you the key vehicle features (number of seats, air conditioning etc), 'typical' models that fall inside your preferred grouping and, of course, the rental price. The various options will be presented in a logical column based format allowing you to easily compare the car and rental package that best meets your requirments. We complete the search and summary leaving you to compare and decide which package or offer your prefer.

 What is included?

All too often, internet rental companies will advertise a low daily rates for hire cars, however, on closer inspection it is evident that all is not what it seems. After completing the search formalities, potential often renters discover that the rates quoted are just a stripped down version of what is necessary and that once the "mandatory" extras have been included, the final price is far removed from the eye catching 'headline' price. We believe this type of markiting is both misleading and reprehensible.. We will not operate in this manner, instead, we will provide you with rental prices that are Fully Inclusive, in other words, they will include the following; Collision Damage Waiver, Third Party Liability Protection, Theft Waiver, Airport charges, Tax and Credit Card Surcharges. Using our service is free; there are no hidden charges or booking fees to concern yourself with.Hire a car at most major airports with Car Hire Assistant. Compare and save on your rental car

 How Do I book?

The booking process is designed to be simple and fast. Once you have selected your preferred rental car and confirmed that you want to collect from Kuala Lumpar International Airport, you select the "Book" button; enter your name, credit card details and flight number. That's it. We do not believe there is any merit in collecting uneccesary information from our customers, we only ask for what we need to provide you with a hire car. Once you have booked, you will receive an email confirmation. IDuring the booking process, you will be able to view the general terms and conditions of your hire. Once you have booked, the specific terms from your selected rental company will be sent with your confirmation.

What do I need when I arrive at Kuala Lumpar International Airport?

We have provided a comprehensive 'frequently asked questions' section above, under "information", but in summary, you will need to take your booking confirmation, driver's licence (photo licence and paper licence if you have one), passport and your credit card to pay the balance and, in some instances, to pay a 'fuel deposit'. It should ne noted that many car rental companies now insist on a fuel deposit. See our FAQ section for more details. Also remember that rental operators often have slightly different policies and therefore it is important to study the specific terms which you will receive by email.

In summary

Our success is based upon offering you the best rental packages, in terms of price, what is included, vehicle range and convenience. Therefore, we strive to do this, because we are working on your behalf. If you are happy with our service, we feel sure you will elect to book your rental car through us and, hopefully, return again in the future. We earnestly hope that we have met your expectations in terms of price, ease of use and service and decide to book your rental car at Kuala Lumpar International Airport through Car Hire Assistant.


The Tourism Minister, Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen announced that Malaysia welcomed 11,632,483 tourist arrivals for the first six months of 2012, registering a growth of 2.4%  compared to 11,362,862 arrivals for the same period last year.

Correspondingly, total tourist receipts from January to June 2012 rose by 4.0%, generating RM26.8 billion to the country’s revenue compared to RM25.7 billion in 2011.

ASEAN region continued to be the largest contributor of tourist arrivals with 73.8% share of the total arrivals. The top ten generating markets were Singapore (5,832,330 / -4.8%), Indonesia (1,108,361 / +20.0%), China (758,289 / +34.2%), Thailand (638,641/ -11.5%), Brunei (588,165/ -1.2%), India (365,104/ +6.9%), Australia (242,579/ -10.4%), the Philippines (238,175/ +45.3%), Japan (215,872/ +32.5%) and United Kingdom (196,738/ +5.9%). They accounted for 87.55% of the total tourist arrivals.

Among these markets the Philippines recorded the highest growth of 45.3% year-on-year followed by China (34.2%), Japan (32.5%), Indonesia (20.0%), India (6.9%) and United Kingdom (5.9%).

Other long-haul markets that had posted remarkable growth were Oman (33.2%), Russia (28.2%), France (20.6%), USA (18.9%), South Korea (18.0%), Kuwait (17.4%) and Denmark (15.7%).

The Minister attributed Malaysia’s appeal and growth in arrivals to the strong support from trade partners and the increased air connectivity to several key destinations such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Kansai. Key international-level tourism events such as Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix (23-25 March), 1Malaysia GP sale (10 March-15 April), 1Malaysia International Shoe Festival (29 March-1 April) and Citrawarna (19 May) have also contributed to the continued growth of Malaysia’s tourist arrivals.

China’s growth in arrivals (+34.2%) is due to the code share operations between China Southern Airlines and Malaysia Airlines since March 2012 to increase the Beijing-Kuala Lumpur flight frequency to two daily flights. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific has also added seven more weekly flights to service the Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur sector, and three weekly flights for the Hong Kong-Penang sector. Air Asia has also mounted three more weekly flights between Hong Kong and Kota Kinabalu since March 2012.

Japan, with a 32.5% increase in arrivals, benefited from the four weekly AirAsia X flights from Kansai to Kuala Lumpur since March, and the increase of service from Haneda to Kuala Lumpur from four to six weekly flights.

Korea’s 18% increase in arrivals is attributed to JinAir’s charter flight operations in January and February from Incheon to Kota Kinabalu; Korean Air’s twice weekly flight since April and Eastar Jet’s four weekly flights beginning March.

Arab Saudi saw a 71.7% increase in arrivals because of the Arab Saudi Immigration’s new rule which requires all outgoing travelers to own individual passports. Prior to this ruling, children travelled on their parent’s passports. Two periods of long holidays – January to March and June to July – also contributed to the increase in Arab Saudi travelers.

ASEAN saw a 1% decrease in arrivals due to the change in recording arrivals based on nationality instead of country of residence; thus expatriates working/living in ASEAN countries were not regarded as ASEAN travelers. This reflected in the decreased arrivals from Singapore (-4.8%), Thailand (-11.5%), Brunei (-1.2%) and Cambodia (-4.2%).

This change has also affected Australia arrivals which declined by 10.4% since many Australian permanent residents were nationals of other countries such as New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, India and China. The decline is also attributed to Malaysia Airlines’ withdrawal of the Perth-Kota Kinabalu flight operations since January this year.

New Zealand also suffered a decline of 16.3% in arrivals this year due to AirAsia X’s termination of its Christchurch-Kuala Lumpur service in March.

Sweden’s 22.4% decline in arrivals is attributed to the lack of direct flight services between Sweden and Malaysia compared to Thailand.

South Africa showed a 10.7 decrease in arrivals this year due to the cessation of Malaysia Airlines’ flight service between Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg as well as Cape Town earlier this year.

Car Hire Malaysia. Compare car hire in Malaysia, or any one of the other 174 countries served by Car Hire Assistant, the car hire comparison site. Covering 175 countries, with access to 550 rental operators and 30,000 rental locations, Car Hire Assistant are well placed to find consumers the best deals at a convenient location.

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From the August 14th Malaysia Airlines will operate daily non-stop A380 flights between London Heathrow and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as its second Airbus superjumbo joins the fleet.

This comes six weeks after the airline celebrated the launch of its inaugural A380 service, which operated three times per week on this route.

Malaysia Airlines’ A380 flight MH3 departs Heathrow daily at noon and arrives in KLIA at 07:35 the next day. The inbound flight departs KLIA daily at 11:40 and arrives Heathrow at 05:50 the following day.

The double-decker Airbus A380 is not only the largest aircraft in the skies – offering passengers unparalleled levels of comfort in spacious surrounds – but this superjumbo is also the most eco-efficient plane around. The aircraft burns 17 per cent less fuel per passenger when compared to other large aircraft.

The A380 has a capacity of 494 seats with 350 economy and eight fully flat first-class seats on the main deck, and 66 fully flat business class and 70 economy seats on the upper deck.

The unique selling points of Malaysia Airlines’ A380 include the widest first-class seats of any plane in the skies at 40 inches and the introduction of the gourmet ‘Chef-on-Call’ service – currently available in First Class – to all business-class guests at the end of September.

This service, which allows passengers to order their desired dish prior to departure, raises the bar in in-flight dining.

Malaysia Airlines is considered Asia’s Leading Airline by the World Travel Awards.


Need Car Hire Malaysia? If you want to explore Malaysia and need an inexpensive rental car, look no further than Car Hire Assistant. We can compare local and national suppliers in Malaysia to find you the best car hire deal.  We also provide Car Hire at London Heathrow Airport


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Compare Car Hire Malaysia with Car Hire Assistant. Free quote, we add nothing to the rental price!

To the delight of families everywhere, Legoland Malaysia has revealed its official opening date: Saturday, September 15th, 2012. This news will bring Merlin Entertainments Group one step closer to opening its first Legoland park in Asia.

Inspired by Asia’s growing love affair with all things Lego, the new 76-acre theme park will cater to kids from two to 12 with more than 40 rides and attractions – from roller coasters to race cars as well as family-focused interactive shows.

Legoland Malaysia is based in Kota Iskandar, Johor, in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia, approximately 350km from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. UK visitors can fly to the closest airport Johor Bahru via Kuala Lumpur. Johor is linked to Singapore via the Causeway and is known as the ‘Southern Gateway to Malaysia’.

Apart from Legoland Malaysia, Johor also offers visitors the chance to experience ancient rainforests, pristine islands, world-renowned golf courses and shopping malls and the capital, Johor Bahru, is famous for its historical buildings and impressive architecture.

Siegfried Boerst, general manager of Legoland Malaysia, stated: “Our official opening date has been something we’ve had a lot of enquiries from the public on since the park broke ground in December 2009.

“I am pleased to announce that due to the hard work of all of our contractors we will now be opening Legoland Malaysia ahead of schedule by a number of months.

“We hope that with today’s news families and tour operators will begin planning their trips to visit us and we look forward to giving you an experience like no other in Asia. Rather appropriately we will be opening the day before Malaysia Day which happens to be a long weekend!”

Car Hire Malaysia? Look no further than Car Hire Assistant who will compare rental prices in any city within Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpar to find you the best car hire price. 

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Compare Car Hire in Malaysia We add nothing to the hire price. Instant Quotes!

Tourism Malaysia has unveiled a new strategy designed to target affluent travellers from key cities around the world.

“Indonesia, China, and India, these places are highly populated so we can capture a larger market base,” explained international marketing division director for south Asia, west Asia and Africa, Zulkifly Md.

“Through this strategy, we hope to get more tourist arrivals and hopefully increase the length of stay and tourist receipts,” he added.

Zulkifly Md was speaking during the Malaysia Master Training Programme.

Sites have been particularly focused on India, which again made it into the top ten markets for Malaysia last year.

“We had 690,849 tourist arrivals from India in 2010 and 693,056 arrivals in 2011,” explained Zulkifly Md, adding Malaysia had set up three overseas offices in India to help capture a larger share of the market.

“For the off-peak months of August to October, we are also working with Malaysia Airlines in a joint promotion called ‘Showcase Malaysia’ whereby tourists in India who buy economy or business tickets will get a free night’s stay in Malaysia,” he concluded.

Compare car hire in Malaysia with Car Hire Assistant. We offer car rentals in Malaysia and 174 other countries.

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